Never make fun of the geeks
One day they will be your boss


The Geek School's purpose is to teach kids how to write code and create computer programs.

As two passionate computer scientists with teaching experience, Antoine Augier and Mark Meissonnier founded the GeekSchool in early 2015. The concept came simply from seeing so many youngsters curious and unable to find proper mentoring until the end of high school! We vowed to unleash the next generation's talents and elaborated a quality curriculum around building web games.


Our approach is hands on, geared towards enabling kids to know how to use their computer environment while having fun with others their age.


Through the GeekSchool mentoring, kids move step by step through the building blocks of a project, they explore important computer science concepts, get exposed to best practices and, most important, gain the confidence to let their creativity shine through. For example, in geek101, the first class, the teens build a minesweeper game where they get to customize their universe, inserting their own media, while learning about variables, for loops, strings, RGB colors, coordinates, etc.. Their finished creation is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript file, which when run in a browser, such as Google Chrome, becomes an interactive game they can enthusiastically demo around.


When are the courses ?

The second trimester, starting January 6th, will usher new sessions of our geek101 class, either on Wednesdays or Saturdays. You can find more information and register on our weekly classes page.

If you are more interested in our school holiday bootcamps, we also offer geek101 for the winter holidays starting February 8th. Please go to our bootcamps page to register.